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“Foxes in the Henhouse” Now at EPD and DNR

November 5, 2009

In his weekly column for this first week of November, veteran state politics newsman Tom Crawford provides a frank roundup of the news on this fall’s personnel changes at the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, on the DNR board, and yet elsewhere in the sphere of state water policy.

His one-line summary? “The governor has put a whole pack of foxes in the henhouse, and before long there may not be any hens left.”

Read Crawford’s column here in Athens’ weekly Flagpole, here in the Gainesville Times, or in any other local outlet that carries him.

In a nutshell, here’s the news, which focuses on:

1. Allen Barnes, the new EPD director, who Gov. Perdue appointed after Dr. Carol Couch’s abrupt resignation in mid-October;

2. Dwight Davis, a new appointment to the state Board of Natural Resources; and

3. Paul Clement,  who is taking over some of the state’s legal representation in the court appeals involving Lake Lanier.

As it turns out, all three are attorneys with King & Spalding, the large Atlanta law firm that has already worked for some clients in the tri-state water war and also represents clients (such as power companies) that have a lot at stake in permitting decisions by EPD. Crawford lays it all out pretty clearly…

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