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From the Savannah River Basin: Just Say No to Interbasin Transfers

December 3, 2009

Two versions of a story posted today on the websites of the Elberton Star and the Hartwell Sun make abundantly clear the level of opposition that will come from the Savannah River basin if Gov. Perdue and legislators pursue some of the interbasin transfer options outlined for Perdue’s Water Contingency Task Force last week.

Certainly it doesn’t take a political genius to realize that the idea to build pipelines from the upper Savannah basin’s large reservoirs into Metro Atlanta would be a tough sell among the full legislature. So is this a legitimate plan? Or is it on the table merely to make other interbasin transfers — from reservoirs closer to Metro Atlanta — look better by comparison?

This is not to say that denizens of the Savannah basin shouldn’t be wary, but political realities seem to lend some complexity to the picture.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the comments from a non-Metro member of the Governor’s task force, near the end of both of these articles.

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