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Metro-Wariness: An Around-the-State Roundup

December 7, 2009

“When was the last time you heard of a government that had serious reservations about spending money?”

That line from Sunday’s house editorial in the Augusta Chronicle sums up much of the reason for concern about the ideas that have been put before Gov. Perdue’s Water Contingency Task Force. Many of the engineering solutions ostensibly on the table would be incredibly expensive, and the task force’s consultants appear to be giving short shrift to cost-effective ideas focused on water efficiency and conservation.

The main thrust of the Augusta column, though, was to voice very firm opposition to any interbasin transfers from the Savannah River valley into metro Atlanta.

Along those lines, see also a news article in today’s Macon Telegraph exploring the same issue from a Middle Georgia perspective, as well as the recent appearance of state Senator Jim Butterworth in the news. His district is in the far northeast corner of the state at the Savannah’s headwaters.

Butterworth told the Anderson Independent Mail (over on the Carolina side of Lake Hartwell) that he’ll oppose any IBT out of the Savannah Basin, and wrote the same in this column for an online news source in Cumming, GA.

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