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Tracking the Water Bill in the News

February 11, 2010

As Gov. Perdue’s water conservation bill moves into committee in both the state House and Senate, newspaper editorialists around the state seem to have converged on a theme that matches the environmental community’s response pretty closely: that this concerted effort at water efficiency is a great step, and that the state will be well-served if the final bill is in fact aggressive in promoting conservation and efficiency.

Yesterday’s Rome News-Tribune editorial, in particular, urged that the bottom line – saving water – be kept in mind. (Note: Unfortunately that column got the number wrong on the cost of submetering. The $1,800 figure should refer to the cost of a master meter, whereas the submeters themselves cost significantly less.)

A Gainesville Times column from earlier in the week had a considerably more charitable tone toward the governor than that in Rome, but the message was more or less the same. For the record, the two columns differ on the bill’s value as a bargaining chip in the ongoing tri-state negotiations.

Meanwhile, a Tuesday editorial from Columbus got behind Rep. Debbie Buckner’s bill to limit outdoor watering. Implicitly acknowledging that the bill doesn’t hold favor among the leadership at the Capitol, the column argues that its goal too has a place in the wider suite of conservation efforts promoted in the governor’s own bill.

-Ben Emanuel

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