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Water, Energy, and Amendment 4 on Your Georgia Ballot

October 27, 2010

Georgia voters once again this fall step up to their voting machines to find a healthy handful of ballot amendment questions following the slate of candidates for statewide, federal and local offices. And while some of those proposed amendments are of questionable merit, the Water Wire would like to draw your attention to Amendment 4 on your statewide ballot, which comes under this heading: “Allows the State to execute multiyear contracts for projects to improve energy efficiency and conservation.”

The ballot item asks: “Shall the Constitution be amended so as to provide for guaranteed cost savings for the state by authorizing a state entity to enter into multiyear contracts which obligate state funds for energy efficiency or conservation improvement projects?”

We at the Water Wire recommend a Yes vote on Amendment 4. Why? Because it will allow the state to make strides in energy conservation even in a tough economy, and because – wait for it – saving energy saves water, remember?

That’s on top of saving taxpayer money. Amendment 4’s latest endorsement came from consumer protection guru Clark Howard in the AJC last week, and it’s received the same thumbs-up from the editorial board at the Savannah Morning News, along with coverage earlier in the fall from a variety of news outlets.

To learn more about the amendment, you can visit the Yes to Amendment 4 website.

And for deeper background plus some of the latest news and opinion on Amendment 4’s chances at passage, visit our blogging comrade Ken Edelstein at Atlanta’s Green Building Chronicle.

Remember, gang: Go all the way down through that ballot, and vote Yes to Amendment 4.

-Ben Emanuel

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