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Water Grabs Watch: Weak DNR Regs a Foregone Conclusion?

January 25, 2011

The Rome News-Tribune reports that tomorrow’s Board of Natural Resources meeting is unlikely to result in the passage of a meaningful DNR rule to manage interbasin transfers of water. Instead, the state Environmental Protection Division is telling board members that a rule stating that EPD “shall” examine a roster of criteria in assessing IBT proposals – rather than that it only “should” do so – isn’t needed. The question, though, is why the rule is needed at all if it isn’t going to have any teeth. And it still seems possible that board members will be curious about question too – not to mention legislators, as Upper Coosa Riverkeeper Joe Cook points out in the Rome article.

Note the graf on public comment on the rule, too, which has been overwhelmingly in favor of a meaningful IBT rule that uses the “shall” language. For background on “should” versus “shall,” see our last post on the topic here. And to be a part of the public conversation on this apparently ongoing issue, visit the No Water Grabs website here. More news real soon…

-Ben Emanuel

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