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The Whole Truth

February 10, 2011

If this isn’t news, the Water Wire doesn’t know what is. The AJC has reported on formal comment letters sent to Georgia EPD staff in the run-up to last month’s DNR Board vote on interbasin transfer (IBT) regulations. And what no one knew – until now – was that there were letters urging passage of stronger, meaningful IBT regs from chambers of commerce in Rome and Augusta, from several business interests in the Columbus area, from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and from the state of Alabama. What’s more, DNR Board members weren’t even aware that these letters existed prior to the meeting and vote. Get the full story from the AJC here. Shortened versions of the same story ran in Columbus and Augusta, downstream communities where editors clearly know their readership cares about this issue.

Be sure visit the Augusta Chronicle link too, though, and scroll down to the sidebar about Gov. Nathan Deal’s visit with the Georgia Farm Bureau (covered in brief by the AP and carried in Alabama). GPB radio reported on these stories this morning too.

Presumably there’s more news and commentary on both of these topics to come.

-Ben Emanuel

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