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Georgians ♥ Conservation

February 20, 2012

“Georgia voters overwhelmingly believe it is important for people to take steps to conserve water in their homes, according to a recent survey” by the Atlanta-based Schapiro Group, Inc.  Find the questions, statistics on responses, and the press release here.

The sample was small – just under 600 registered voters – but broad since it connected voters from all over the state.  While the pool might have been small, “just under three-quarters (73%) believe” home-based conservation efforts “are very important, while another 25% think it is somewhat important to take these actions. At least two-thirds of every demographic group think it is very important to conserve water at home.”

The survey results hit the region at a critical moment.  It might have rained in your neck of the woods this weekend.  But Lake Lanier “is four feet below the average for this time of the year and about seven feet below where it was this time last year.”  This has prompted Boyd Austin, the Dallas mayor and chairman of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District to issue a plea for customers to conserve water, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post.

And while water conservation and efficiency are important water supply tools, please do not stop using and drinking (and paying for) the water provided by your local utility for basic needs.  Most important, consider putting that bottled water down!  According to Mark Marlowe, Dalton Utilities’ watershed management VP, “remember the next time you purchase a bottle of water at the store, for the same investment, you could be buying the equivalent of 8,000 bottles of clean, safe water from your public water supplier.”

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  1. Bruce Henry permalink
    February 24, 2012 3:49 pm

    Is our drinking water safe? A lot of trace organics and minerals in the Hooch are not removed in the drinking water plants. The amount of “treated sewage” being discharged above these plants is and has been continuously increasing as the metro population has bulged. The pharmacuticals, metals, PCBs, and other nasties found in sewage are not removed in the sewage treatment plants nor the drinking water plants to any great extent. The synergistic effect of these compounds has not been tested and probably never will be. Granted, nothing in your drinking water will kill you tomorrow, but over your lifetime or even several years it could have a harmful effect. Don’t forget who the shepherd of these waters is. Your health is not of paramount interest to them.


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