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ATL “Out-California’ed” Cali?

March 8, 2012

“Mostly False,” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s PolitiFact team.  Willoughby Mariano reached this assessment after investigating the claim that the “metropolitan north Georgia water planning district is now the national leader in conservation.”  Find the full analysis and reference list here.

Pat Stevens, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Environmental Planning Division chief is credited with making these bold statements about the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s water conservation and efficiency measures.

You can link to the source of the claims here and an analysis of other related and mostly false statements in a related Water Wire post, “Georgia Owns the Chattahoochee.”

Georgia’s citizens and local governments have made important strides in the water conservation and efficiency march.  However, we are nowhere close to the end and it’s not a time for complacency.  Georgians need to take more and bigger steps.  We have a fantastic opportunity to employ water conservation and efficiency as tools to build our future water supply.  Let’s take advantage of the fact that Georgians ♥ Conservation.

-Chris Manganiello

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  1. Bruce Henry permalink
    March 10, 2012 6:01 pm

    By saving water, you actually allow more development. I think it fits in with the misery principal. People will use up all available resources till they reach a certain level of misery, and then attempt to decrease use. We all know that if we save water and make more available it will just be reallocated to new developement.

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